Therapy classes in High Wycombe

Prescription drugs have been known to have side effects!

Exercise provides many benefits for our health. At Online Weight Loss From Home, we offer a wide range of therapy classes that are second to none. All of our therapy classes are targeted to help patients through excercise alongside any doctors orders! Patients should be serious about their health and attend the class regularly to get the results they are looking for.

We are members of International Diabetes Federation. We also offer fitness and dance classes.

Therapy classes we provide:

Please note all excercises must be discussed with your own doctor first.
Post surgery excercise classes:

  • Helps reduce the inflammation post operation
  • Helps in speedy recovery
  • Helps bring patients back to their normal life as soon as possible
  • Helps patients feel better emotionally, mentally and physically
Clinical exercise:
Our own excercises to help you feel great.
Rehabilitation exercise:
  • Helps reduce any kind of injuries such as low back pain and knee pain
  • We have separate classes to help reduce the pain with exercise
  • Our classes also help reduce the drug medication in patient’s life
  • Our classes also help reduce the drug medication in patient’s life

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    Terms and conditions (Read carefully)

    1. Any classes entered in to with Online Weight Loss From Home must be paid prior to starting the class.
    2. If the payment is not made then you may not attend the class
    3. If you pay for a class and do not attend there are no refunds
    4. Online Weight Loss From Home has the right to refuse service
    5. Payment must be made via PayPal or bank transfer