Online Weight Loss from Home

Online Weight Loss from Home

At Online Weight Loss From Home we offer a range of classes to help keep your mind and body, fit and healthy.

We also offer classes to build on a existing talent or help you achieve your dreams and goals in terms of dance, fitness, a healthy weight etc

We offer the following classes :


Therapy Classes - Post surgery, clinical & rehabilitation exercise


Weight Loss / Exercise Classes


Classic / Ballet Dance


Modern Dance - Break-dancing , street & hip-hop


Football Training

Post Surgery Exercise Classes
in High Wycombe

What is Post Surgery Class?

Is a combination of following your Doctor’s instruction in an easy way to help patients recover easily from any kind of clinical operation ( Minor operation or Major operation ) with counselling and rehabilitation. To help patients understand the importance of following the Doctor’s advice and instruction in the right manner.

Includes; Help carrying out Recovery Exercises as prescribed by your doctor to help the patient reduce inflammation.

Our Latest Events

Children Halloween Dance Party

2 lovely angels who actively participated the Children Halloween Dance Party held last October 26, 2019.
We are very proud of them. Looking forward for a great future.

Lessons on all styles of dancing

Online Weight Loss From Home providing dance sports therapy with a proven record of teaching adults of all ages and children through professional training. From ballet to jazz and hip-hop to salsa, no matter what form of dance you’re interested in, we can help you. Our dance teachers are passionate about teaching dance. With over two decades of experience, our instructors have the knowledge and qualifications to offer training on all forms of dance. Subscription to Online Weight Loss From Home is free but classes are at a cost. Contact us for more information.

1 session for £15
£150 for 2 and a half months (10 sessions)

Join our online Weight Loss Class
Join us today from the comfort of your own home, we are now offering an online class via the Zoom app!
Ballet class 10 sessions
For £100 in advance before the first session.
(2 and a half months, each Saturday from 11AM- 12 Noon.)

★★★ Coffee shop and free parking space for parents
waiting for an hour while class is ongoing ★★★

More About Us

We Offer

  • Hip-hop dance class
  • Break dancing
  • Pilates class
  • Post surgery class
  • Pet weight loss courses
  • Rehabilitation classes
  • Parent and child classes
  • Flamenco Dance
  • House Dance

Learn new moves

If you’re willing to learn classic dance, join our ballet dance classes today. No matter your age or ability, our talented team will help you improve your skills. We can also help you with professional help and advice regarding any queries you might have.

Explore your passion

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy break dancing class? At Online Weight Loss From Home in High Wycombe, we offer a wide range of different modern dance classes from break dancing to hip-hop. We welcome people of all levels and ages to join us.

Importance of sports and dance in improving mental and physical health

We engage ourselves in different kinds of physical movements everyday. Certain types of physical movements not only help in breaking the sedentary lifestyle but also in stimulating the happy feeling in one’s mind and body, thereby bringing down the stress levels to a minimum. Dance is one such great form of physical movements – it helps not only in releasing your emotions but also in pursuing your passion. Sports on the other hand can help you maintain and enhance the flexibility and stability of your body. Both these forms of physical activities help in regulating emotions and achieving overall physical and mental fitness.

Come, let’s join hands, and together say goodbye to stress!

Looking for a pet weight loss course for your furry friend?
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