Affiliation 2020-2021
Online Weight Loss From Home – Running trials for an adult
male football team.

Are you wanting a new challenge?

We are looking for members to be in our :
  • Adult Male Team – This Season 20-21
  • Adult Female Team – Next Season 21-22
  • Children’s Football team – Next Season 21-22
  • Youth Club – Next Season 21-22

Information is required for The FA

You will receive and email shortly after to advise you if you are accepted.

Football Player Application

    Coaching And Volunteering Application


      10 sessions

      For £100 in advance before the first session.
      (2 and a half months, each Saturday from 11AM- 12 Noon.)

      Be Trained by FA Qualified Coaches !

      For more information on playing please feel free to contact us on :

      Tel: 07583 933980

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        Terms and conditions (Read carefully)

        1. Any classes entered in to with Online Weight Loss From Home must be paid prior to starting the class.
        2. If the payment is not made then you may not attend the class
        3. If you pay for a class and do not attend there are no refunds
        4. Online Weight Loss From Home has the right to refuse service
        5. Payment must be made via PayPal or bank transfer